How long does it take to build one of our Homes?

Construction time is usually around 3 months for a 3 bedroom and 4 months for a 4 bedroom. The more organised you can be and the more information you can give us will ensure construction times are met.

Do you look after proceedings with Building Inspectors etc?

Yes, you will only have to pay local authority fees. Big River Homes will liaise with Council on all matters on your behalf if required.

How many permits do you need?

If you are building outside the Clutha District then you will need 2 Permits. The Clutha District Council inspects the home at several stages as the home is constructed in our Balclutha yard. On completion a Code of Compliance certificate is issued to be given to the Local Authority involved where the home is to be placed.

Costs are the same if you are building onsite as the building permit at the destination is only for piles, connections to utilities and a final inspection.

Am I limited to options for cladding?

You can use any cladding which is on the market. Our most common claddings are colour steel corrugate (horizontal or vertical), Palliside pre-painted plastic weather boards (with their 25 year guarantee),and James Hardie 'Titan' Panel.

Brick work and plaster systems such as Hebel can also be used and are affixed once the home is onsite, all Big River Homes lend themselves to the use of any Cladding on the market leaving scope for your own design touch of style.

Where can my new home be?

We have built homes for clients all over the South Island including Queenstown, Christchurch, Dunedin and many other towns and cities throughout Canterbury, Otago and Southland. And of course we're also a fantastic option for those closer to home in Balclutha, Milton and Gore.